Our Staff

Julien Benichou, Music Director

Dane Krich, General Manager

Mary Lou Tietz, Fundraising Consultant

Guy McIntosh, Marketing Director

Anne Marie Rogerson,

Board Officers

  • Jeffrey L. Parker, President

  • Valerie Mazure, Vice President and Area VP (Easton)

  • Vacant, Treasurer

  • Raymond Vergne, Secretary

  • Patricia Campbell, VP of Education & Outreach

  • Diane Dee, Area VP (Delaware)

  • Vacant, Area VP (Ocean Pines)

Board Directors

  • Andrea Barnes

  • Katherine Barney

  • Regina Brittingham

  • Robert Israel

  • Jennifer Martella

  • Cyrille Payot

Honorary Directors

  • Rebecca Firth

  • Leane Phillips-Lowe