Overture Campaign

Help Your MSO Continue to Grow

An Overture is usually known as the beginning to a more substantial work or composition. Our Overture Campaign is the beginning to a bigger and better Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. For 22 years we have been the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Lower Delaware's professional Symphony Orchestra. As we look to the future, we see room to grow our educational programs and audience base in the Mid-Atlantic Region, but we can't accomplish our goal without your support.

We invite you to become a sustaining member of your MSO by pledging a monthly contribution of $25 or more. Become a part of your symphony's future today

Other Ways To Help Your MSO

Attend a Concert: By attending our concerts, you can experience first hand the joy of incredible classical music. Not only does your ticket purchase help, but it also shows our sponsors there are members of the community that value having a professional symphony in their neighborhood.

Share what we do: Spreading the word about your MSO helps us cut down on marketing costs and increases tickets sales. Follow us on social media, like and share our posts. Invite someone to a concert. Tell your friends and family about the important work we do and our exciting upcoming concerts. Live music is always better together!

Become a MSO Ambassador: Ambassadors are the backbone of your MSO. They do everything from fundraising in their communities and advertising our concerts to their “spheres of influence,” to planning events and assisting at concerts. Contact us for more information about becoming a MSO Ambassador.