Concert Info

Music is an integral part of our lives. The MSO is dedicated to making your concert-going experience one in which you will continually want to return.

Venue Accessibility

All venues are handicap accessible


Parking is available at all venue locations

Ticket Purchases

There are four options for purchasing tickets:

  • Online vita the MSO website

  • Ticket order form (click to download). Form can be mailed to the MSO address: PO Box 3381, Easton, MD 21601

  • Call our voice system 888.846.8600. Leave a brief message with your name and telephone number and a MSO representative will return your call

  • Tickets, if available, may be purchased at the door.

Ticket Prices

For the 2018-2019 Season Series, a season subscription is $195 for 5 concerts. For the entire season each subscriber has a reserved seat at the Community Church in Ocean Pines and at the Mariner’s Bethel Church in Ocean View. At the Easton Church of God patrons have a reserved section. Single tickets may also be purchased; adult ticket prices range from $45-$85. Complimentary tickets are available to youths up to 18 years old, however due to a limited number of tickets available, a reservation is required.

Ticket Payment

The MSO accepts Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash for payment.

Ticket Exchange

Patrons may attend a different venue as long as seating is available. Reserve seating IS NOT the same for each venue, therefore, patrons wishing to attend a different venue must first inform the MSO by calling 888.846.8600.

Pre-Concert Lectures

A complimentary pre-concert lecture is held 45 minutes prior to the performances at Mariner’s Bethel Church in Ocean View and at the Community Church in Ocean Pines. At each location, these lectures are held in a separate room within the church. There are no pre-concert lectures in Easton.

Dress Code

There is no official “dress code” for attending MSO concerts. In respect to the Maestro and the musicians, “smart casual” attire is suggested.

Lost and Found

If you misplace an item, call 888.846.8600, leave a message and a MSO representative will return your call.

Concert Etiquette

  • Turn off cell phones and other noise-making devices. The light/loise from these devices is a distraction. Please, no text messaging or flash photography during the performance.

  • Leave all food and drinks outside the venue. NO food or drinks are allowed inside any of our venues. If unwrapping a cough drop or piece of candy to soothe a dry or sore throat, please do so quietly.

  • Respect those around you. Concert-goers are expected to arrive and be seated before the music commences. The audience waiting for a concert to begin may talk freely until the end of the applause greeting the entrance of the conductor (or concertmaster if the orchestra tunes on stage). Please refrain from taking during the performance as it is distracting to other audience members and the musicians. Unless there is an emergency, plan to stay seated during the performance. Refrain from returning to your seat while the musicians are performing. Do so when there is a “break” in the music.

  • Applause, for musical performance, is held until the entire piece is completed even though there are sometimes pauses between the movements. In between these movements the music will stop for a few seconds. take note of the program to determine the number of movements. Do not applaud until the conductor has dropped his hands and has turned around to acknowledge the audience. Sometimes this is prolonged past the cutoff of the orchestra, with hands held in the air or slowly lowered over several seconds, in the hope of allowing the audience to stay joined with the artistic creation even for just a moment after its sounds have seated.