Worchester County - March 2019 - SHES Students Shine in MSO Class


On Tuesday, March 5, the second graders at Snow Hill Elementary School were excited as they walked into their morning music class.  It was not a “regular” day because special visitors were waiting to see them. Professional musicians, Rachael Yokers and Ismar Gomes, from the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (MSO) had come to play their instruments….and to give each student an opportunity to try out the flute and the cello that they had brought with them.


What fun—puckering up and blowing…. and pulling the bow across those noisy strings.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Students listened to the musicians play and learned about how their instruments work.  Did you know that the “string” on the cello bow is made of real horsehair? That the cello can play very high AND very low sounds—like a boat horn?  Or that the flute has a headpiece, a body and a foot joint? The children can now tell you this, and much, much more.

The Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra conducts the “Introduce an Instrument” program, one of several education and outreach programs, as a vital part of its mission to enrich life in the Mid-Atlantic region through the power of live classical music.   The program at Snow Hill Elementary was generously funded by the Worcester County Arts Council.

Guy McIntosh